David Larsen is not a career politician. He has spent the past 36 years building businesses, creating jobs and meeting payrolls. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and descends from immigrants who came to America from Norway, both after WW I and post liberation from the Nazis in World War II. He spent much of his boyhood working in his father’s business, an introduction to the work world that would imbue him with a powerful work ethic.

David attended college at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, then returned to New York City to attend CSI where he majored in business administration, management, and biology. While attending college, he founded a construction and home improvement company that was later consolidated into Larsen Windows & Doors.

Over the next three decades, he assumed a leadership role in the family business, growing the company his father founded into a successful enterprise that helped create and sustain hundreds of jobs, many right here in New Jersey. With this growth came responsibilities that included developing and adhering to a substantial corporate budget.

As Larsen Windows & Doors continued to thrive, David expanded his business to include real estate. His concern for the welfare of his employees went above and beyond the call of any employer’s duty: during the height of the recession several years ago – at a time when many people were losing their homes and the construction industry came to a screeching halt – he had to decide whether to lay off employees whose livelihood and families depended on him or find a way to keep them working. He made the unselfish decision to keep his employees working, at a substantial cost to himself, and made this possible by agreeing with the tax collector to temporarily extend the payment schedule of his real estate taxes – at a double-digit interest rate.

David moved to the town of Tewksbury in Hunterdon County 20 years ago, where he became a registered farmer and bred American quarter horses. There he raised three beautiful daughters with his wife Donna.

When asked what motivated him to enter politics, David Larsen explains, “I’ve been a successful entrepreneur and businessman and I was content with that life. But by 2009 it became painfully clear to me that ruling class politicians were digging us deeper and deeper into a hole where generations born and unborn would be shackled with crushing debt, stifling regulations and oppressive taxation. Congress has become deaf to the voice of the people they claim to represent and I can no longer sit on the sidelines while Democrats and liberal Republicans drive our nation into bankruptcy.

“I believe, like the Founding Fathers, that Congress should be made up of citizen legislators – ordinary people who serve their fellow Americans for a brief period of time before returning to private life – not career politicians whose livelihood is tied to perpetual re-election to office. That’s why I decided to run for Congress and why I oppose Leonard Lance, a lawyer and third generation career politician who claims to be a ‘Principled Conservative,’ yet consistently votes with Barack Obama and the Democrats. The people of New Jersey and America deserve better.

“As a Congressman, I will do everything in my power to restore our nation to the greatness our forebears sacrificed so much to achieve. President Ronald Reagan once said that America is the last, best hope of mankind on earth – and I intend to do everything in my power to preserve Mr. Reagan’s legacy of liberty and prosperity.”