To the Editor:

I was listening to NJ 101.5 last week and they mentioned one of the most exciting political races in all of New Jersey this year rests in the District 7 GOP Congressional Primary race between incumbent Leonard Lance and challenger David Larsen.

This rematch has the makings of a Rocky movie as the very conservative David Larsen finally gets the moderate Lance in a one on one contest, something that many wanted to see in 2010 when Lance took advantage of a watered down four way GOP primary to retain position.

Now the moderate Lance stands alone, by himself, in the newly redistricted and "very conservative" District 7. Mr. Lance will have to explain to the public that once counted on him why he voted for Cap & Trade, Obamacare, and supported increased benefit contributions by our teachers, police officers and firefighters.

In addition, under Lance's watch, gas prices have skyrocketed and valuable funding for Senior Citizen care programs all throughout the state have been compromised.

I recently have noticed a few small Lance signs appearing on street corners now the the GOP Primary race is just a few weeks away. I have seen a good amount of David Larsen lawn signs all throughout the district "starting back in February" to present.

But that shouldn't surprise any of us as Lance has been a disappearing act for most of his entire term in Washington D.C. and now will try to sell the voters at the last minute that he is the best choice.

Unfortunately for Mr. Lance, your pro-Obama voting record is now in the court of public opinion and we the voters are your jury.

All rise, it’s June 5, court is in session, and the honorable judge presiding over District #7 is very conservative GOP candidate David Larsen.

North Plainfield
John R. Whitman

To the Editor:

I recently received a mailer from the Leonard Lance campaign touting his returning of over $100,000 from his office budget to the U.S. Treasury. As part of this claim, he says that this is evidence of his concern that our tax dollars are spent wisely.

Unfortunately, his actions and mailers from his congressional office belie his claim.

Before the campaign started we received numerous taxpayer funded mailings that seemed much more like campaign mailings.

It seems as if Congressman Lance is only concerned about getting in office and staying in office and will twist his words and actions to do it.

Paul E. Moore