Larsen Slams Lance for his Homosexuals/Transgendered Vote

GREEN BROOK, NJ - In a brief but sharply worded statement, Businessman and Reagan Conservative David Larsen criticized incumbent Rep. Leonard Lance for his recent vote to uphold President Obama's 2014 executive order enforcing special rights as an affirmative action measure based on one's sexual preference or gender identity. Lance was one of only a handful of Republicans who voted with all the Democrats to pass this radical legislation.

"Just last week, Representative Lance proudly voted in favor of the Maloney amendment, which served to ratify and fund Barack Obama's radical social justice agenda. This is nothing new for Lance: a few years ago, he co-sponsored Barney Franks' controversial ENDA Bill and while in the New Jersey Senate, he was a major supporter of Bill 362. Both pieces of legislation were intended to advance the cause of homosexual and transgender rights at the expense of religious liberty and gender privacy.

"This type of dangerous and radical legislation would permit a fully functioning male to enter into your daughter's shower, dressing room, bathroom or locker room," explained Larsen. "I believe that a person's sexual identity is not defined by their hopes, dreams or beliefs, but by the reality of biology. We are born either male or female and will continue that way until we draw our last breath. No amount of medication or surgery can ever change that fact.

"Barack Obama is intentionally capitalizing on phony opportunities created by liberal radicals, as he seeks to fundamentally transform this nation. In order to fundamentally transform something, you must first intentionally destroy its existing foundation. Unfortunately, Rep. Lance supports Obama's social justice agenda, giving voters in the 7th District all the more reason to end his decades-long political career."

With less than 1/10th of 1% of people who identify themselves as transgender, and approx. 1.8% of people who identify themselves as homosexual, what type of national crises are we speaking about. With our anemic economy, illegals pouring over our boarders, our national security at risk, Americans without jobs etc. etc., this is what Lance and Obama are focused on? No wonder just ranked Lance as the 5th least effective congressman in Congress.

Let's stop reelecting career politicians by changing who we send to Washington, so we can focus on restoring our Country's greatness. This will allow everyone, regardless of how one identifies themself, to flourish and live the American Dream.

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