Desperate Lyin' Lenny Engages in a Campaign of Lies & Deceit

GREEN BROOK, NJ - "It is of no surprise that 25 year career politician and Washington Insider Leonard Lance has decided to engage in a campaign of lies and deceit in an attempt to deflect voters from knowing the truth about his voting record and Liberal agenda. After all, he is the quintessential perennial candidate".

"It is obvious that his internal polling has proven that the constituents of the 7th District have awoken to the fact, and are fed up with his ineffectiveness, pointing to the recent ratings of all the House Congressional members effectiveness, ranking Lance as the 5th least effective Congressman in Congress, a ranking of 430 out of 435, with only a couple of Democrats below him, how humiliating".

"Lance is displaying his entitlement complex by exhibiting contempt for anyone who challenges his position, resorting to producing ads and mailer's filled with lies, deceit, slander and defamation in a desperate attempt to cling to power and position". Lance is a desperate career politician who is running ads with the intent to deceive the constituents of District 7, ads that he knows to be false.

Lance is claiming David Larsen to be a serial tax dodger, when in fact Lance knows this to be a Bold-Faced Lie. David Larsen not only paid all his real estate taxes, he even produced written documentation that all taxes were not only current, but also paid in advance. Since Lance has never ran a business, he has no understanding of what it is like to be responsible for the welfare of employees and their families. David Larsen's unselfish action was also successful in keeping employees/sub-contractors working, those who had families with mortgages and bills. But Lance continued with the slander and deceit.

Larsen's calling for a flatter and fairer tax system, and the disassembling of the giant bureaucracy known as the IRS, is Lances fodder for claiming Larsen wants to raise taxes, when the complete opposite is true. Lance is for the sustaining and expanding of the IRS, and is against a flatter and fairer tax system because his corporate buddies will not be able to manipulate the system.

Larsen's calling for the NSA to stop collecting private citizens phone calls, texts and emails is Lances fodder for stating Larsen wants to cut funding to the NSA, when Lance is for the expanding of the NSA's unconstitutional authority. Even the author of the Patriot Act, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner [WI] sponsored a bill called the USA Freedom Act, which had 124 co-sponsors, in order to rein in the NSA, none of whom was Lance.

Lance is stating that David Larsen did not vote for Reagan referencing the NYS Voter Records, when in fact we have documentation from the NYS Voter Records stating that records are unavailable for 30 years ago. Another Lance Bold-Faced Lie.

While in the NJ State Senate, Lance was a proud supporter of a Bill to allow Transgenders to use the girls' bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers and was the lead sponsor for Barney Frank's EDNA Bill in the House. That means a fully functioning male can enter a girl's facility at anytime. Would you want your 10-year-old daughter in a facility with a potential naked man?

David Larsen will protect your children from such legislation and major potential harm. His history of lying has earned him the title of "Serial Liar" or AKA "Lyin' Lenny", as in the example of his mailers claiming he was the Sponsor of the HR4138 Enforce the Law Act, which was in fact sponsored by Rep. Trey Gowdy [SC] including 22 co-sponsors, which Lance wasn't even one of!

Lance's mailers also claimed that he was the sponsor of the HR3973 Faithful to Execute the Law Act, which was in fact sponsored by Rep. Ron De Santis [FL] including 37 co-sponsors, which Lance wasn't even one of!

The real issue here isn't about David Larsen, nor Lance's ineffectiveness and serial lying just to remain in office, it's about creating an atmosphere for economic growth through the free market system, something Lance has no experience in.

It's about creating an environment for people and business to flourish, providing not only jobs, but also career opportunities. It's about securing our boarders and all points of entry, making America safe for its citizens.

It's about putting Americans first, protecting our citizens and not favoring others from foreign countries at the expense of our citizens. It's about rebuilding of our military, and making America respected and revered throughout the world.

As the late great Ronald Reagan said; "Peace thru strength", David Larsen will fight to rebuild our military and see to it that our veterans are taken care of here at home.

Lance's false and erroneous attacks will back fire on him. Let's demand the issues be prominent in front, and have debates established throughout the District in large venues, so the true issues, along with the facts can be exposed.

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