David Larsen to Leonard Lance: Retract Slander and Libel or Face Defamation Lawsuit

GREEN BROOK, NJ - In a statement dispatched to print and electronic media, David Larsen, Businessman and Reagan Conservative candidate for U.S. Congress, warned incumbent Representative Leonard Lance that false statements made by him and campaign operatives were defamatory and, therefore, actionable in court. Larsen is demanding that Lance publicly retract the statements and apologize for having uttered and printed them - or face a confrontation with Larsen in court.

According to a sharply worded letter from Larsen's legal counsel, Rep. Lance and two campaign subordinates - Bill Killion and Todd Mitchell - defamed David Larsen both verbally and in print when they referred to him as a "notorious tax cheat" and "'tax dodger" in campaign materials and events. The statements, of course, are completely false: David Larsen has always paid all his taxes - a fact he has repeatedly explained to Rep. Lance and his campaign in great detail for the past six years. Notwithstanding, Lance's protestations have been completely ignored.

"Politics can be nasty business," Larsen noted, "Negative campaigning is like a saloon brawl in Old West - bruising and bloody, and the voters expect a certain amount of it. I get it. I understand it, and I have thick skin. But when one of the candidates resorts to complete lies in order to alter the outcome of the election, neither the voters, my family nor I should accept it," said Larsen. Continuing, Larsen noted that "desperation should not allow a candidate to completely disregard the hard and honest facts and truth." "Otherwise," said Larsen, "the entire political process is tarnished and the voter disenfranchised."

Attorney Eugene Massamillo wrote to Rep. Lance noting that "accusing a person of cheating or dodging payment of their taxes is tantamount to accusing them of having committed a crime, and, as such is libelous...Worse yet, the defamatory statements were made with the actual knowledge that they were false or with reckless disregard for whether they were true or not. In other words, [Lance] acted with actual malice," wrote attorney Massamillo, underscoring the fact that Lance and his campaign were repeatedly told that the statements were false, but ignored the opportunity to set the record straight.

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