David Larsen Expresses Opinion On Newcomer To Congressional Race In CD7

Oldwick, NJ - David Larsen expressed his opinion on the late entry by Mr. Heard into the Congressional race in Congressional District 7 (CD7).

This 2016 election cycle resonates with the same antiestablishment environment which was evident in 2009 & 2010. "The American voter is again venting their utter disgust and frustration with the Washington Elites and Career Politicians" said David Larsen, "which is quite evident by the record turn out for the Republican Presidential Caucasus and primaries." It is understandable that concerned citizens want to insure that this great country does not proceed over the looming precipice that awaits before us by electing the same career politician over and over again and expecting a different result, which by the way Albert Einstein said was the meaning of insanity.

"It is unfortunate however that Mr. Heard would enter into the Congressional race at such a late juncture. His actions are either one of a neophyte, or possibly a more sinister one of being a "Straw Candidate" of the establishment, attempting to redirect votes from our campaign to limit the damage to Rep. Lance" stated Larsen. It typically requires an enormous amount of time, energy, finances, planning, networking etc. to establish a successful campaign against an entrenched incumbent, to which the Larsen campaign has been diligently laying the road work to a 2016 victory. The idea one can enter into a Congressional campaign and be successful just a couple of months prior to an election is unrealistic. "If Mr. Heard is receiving advise from consulting firms, those firms are obviously only interested in draining him of his finances and the hard earned finances of possible donors" Larsen continued. So is there another sinister motive, well time will tell.

Mr. Heard has supported David Larsen in the past, so his decision to run is unnecessary. He still has a candidate he can support in David Larsen, who has been a persistent champion of conservatism and has the ability to actually win. "According to our research, we were the 3rd closest Republican primary campaign race in the nation in 2014, and that accomplishment demanded much" added Larsen. "So we extend an invitation to Mr. Heard to come on board with our campaign, and also to Mr. Cook" Larsen offered. However, if there is an ulterior motive of attempting to be a spoiler, by instigating a splitting of the votes, then that is a horse of a different color.

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