David Larsen Expresses Opinion On Lance's Possible Future Actions

Oldwick, NJ - David Larsen expressed his opinion of what Rep. Lance may be considering since his candidate for President has dropped out of the race. Rep. Lance had thrown his full throated support for Gov. Christie almost immediately at the commencement of his campaign for President. Many in NJ believe Gov. Christie to be a moderate, who has unfortunately pandered to special interest groups because of his aspirations of becoming President. Rep. Lance now faces a conundrum, wether to stick to his moderate/liberal beliefs and convictions, throwing his support to the establishment Jeb Bush or even John Kasich, which will keep him in the good graces with the Washington Cartel. Or to play out his previous predictable transformation of morphing into a "Campaign Conservative" during the primary election cycle, electing to hold his nose and cross his fingers, if he were to throw his support to a Trump, Cruz or Rubio. If he makes the latter decision, that decision will solely be based on a political, non-convictional calculation, based on the very vibrant anti-establishment environment during this 2016 election cycle. He has a history of putting the preverbal "Finger to the Wind" method of decision making, lacking the true ability to stand for his convictions as real leadership dictates. Rep. Lance has alot in common with Bush and Kasich, while close to nothing with Trump, Cruz or Rubio. It would be very awkward for him to attempt to defend his support for the latter three. I believe Cruz will win in SC, but at the very least, come in a close second.

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