David Larsen, Conservative Candidate for Congress in CD7, Lends His Support To Donna Simon

OLDWICK, NJ—During Assemblywoman Donna Simon's brief time in the New Jersey Assembly, she has proven to be a strong voice for the kind of conservative principles that are needed to restore our state to its motto of Liberty and Prosperity. Against a legislature made up of big government liberals imposing what seems to be an endless array of burdensome programs on the citizens of NJ, destined to separate the people from their money and freedoms, Donna Simon has been steadfast in maintaining her principles. With her outstanding record, it comes as no surprise that she received Americans for Prosperity's Taxpayer Hero Award, attained a perfect score from the New Jersey Taxpayers Alliance, and was named a Defender of Liberty by the American Conservative Union.

"We need more elected officials like Donna Simon who understand that they are in office to represent the people they serve, and not push for a socialist agenda because they do not trust the citizenry to make responsible choices to live their lives," stated David Larsen. "Because of the usual low turnout of an off year election, I encourage all Republican and Unaffiliated voters to make a special effort to turn out to the polls on Tuesday, November 3, and I ask the voters in New Jersey's 16th Legislative District to please make sure you cast your vote for Donna Simon."

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