Again It Happens!

For the umpteen time, Lance and the other pretend conservatives show their true colors. They claim to be against Obamacare but fund it every time. They protest Obama’s Iran deal but were instrumental in enabling it by countermanding the Treaty Clause within our Constitution. They assert their disdain for the President’s illegal amnesty plan, but after weeks of protestations, they provide the funding to see it is implemented.

The latest example of their duplicitous nature is the funding of Planned Parenthood – an organization that reaps over half a billion dollars annually from taxpayers while at the same time being a major donor to liberal candidates. As the nation’s leading abortion provider (nearly 1 million over the past three years), a recent exposé reveals they enhanced their revenue stream by selling body parts and organs from the fetuses they killed. The American taxpayer should not be aiding and abetting this kind of activity. At a minimum, Congress should suspend all grants, contracts, and payments for services not yet rendered until the matter is fully investigated.

Even though a large majority of Republicans opposed the funding, Congressman Lance joined with all democrats to make sure Planned Parenthood continued to receive sustenance from the taxpayer’s teat.

Our Founders put in place a system of checks and balances between the branches of government. The Power of the Purse resides with Congress. Not a penny can be spent without their approval. For far too long, our Representative has abdicated his Constitutional duties thereby emboldening a lawless and imperial Presidency. If our elected officials will not stand for the positions and principles they profess in campaign advertisements, voters need to turn to someone that will. They must no longer succumb to this betrayal.