The Boehner Connection and the Republican Defection

OLDWICK, NJ - 2015 promises to be the year that Republicans reclaim their party. While the polls show the public's discontent with establishment presidential candidates, some in Congress have also earned the ire of conservative voters. Leaders within the Party, such as Speaker of the House John Boehner, met with much resistance from 60% of Republican voters who urged their congressional representatives to oust the man who has become Mr. Obama's marionette. Much to their dismay, in the past election for the Speaker of the House only 25 representatives of the people honored the wishes of their constituents and John Boehner was handily re-elected.

As was the case with his re-election, John Boehner does not operate in a vacuum. His influence and the power he yields would not exist without the support of many like-minded congressional cronies who have learned how to play-along to get-along: that is playing along with special interests to get along with their donations and the power it brings. Most recently, the choke-hold of the Boehner political grip was evident in the congressional vote for the funding of Planned Parenthood. In this instance, 91 Republicans voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood to the tune of $500,000,000. Not only was this vote contrary to the wishes of an overwhelming majority of Republican voters, but it was also contrary to the Republican platform that is distinctively pro-life.

Who were the 91 Republicans that voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood and their reprehensible selling of developed baby parts that requires infanticide? Folks living in the Garden State's 7th Congressional District need look no further than their own representative: Leonard Lance. Lance's alliance with both John Boehner and his accomplice, Kevin McCarthy, has enraged the true backbone of the Republican Party - the Conservative voters of America. And the Conservative voters are refusing to be silenced. While the career politicians are preferring to listen to the sound of the special interests' donation money instead of listening to their constituents or to honor their own Party's platform, hopefully this election cycle may just ring the death bell for their careers. Men like Leonard Lance may have thrown the Republican Party under the bus with their charm and oratory skills, but come election time, the cries of the babies sacrificed at the altar of political cronyism will ring louder in the ears of conservative voters and deafen the sound of insincere campaign speak. This election cycle those living in the 7th Congressional District have a real choice. They no longer need to vote for someone just because they have an "R" after their name. They can join the Gun Owners of America, Michael Reagan, and the cries of the babies killed for their body parts and support David Larsen for Congress.

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