Larsen and Lance Spar for Future of 7th Congressional District

Though not exactly a redux of the Lincoln-Douglass slugfest that captivated audiences over a century and a half ago, it was tussle enough for voters to pay attention, with plenty of red meat issues to digest from now until next Tuesday.

Sponsored by the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce, the event at the Clark Holiday Inn started at 8:00 AM and concluded at 10:00 AM. Between 60 and 80 people attended. Jim Coyle, president of the GRCC, was the moderator.

The debate itself lasted a little over an hour, with Cong. Lance making the first opening statement and David Larsen making the final closing statement, after which he remained to greet and thank the audience members who attended.

Mr. Lance – who arrived a scant 10 minutes before the debate commenced – hurried out of the room and left the building.

Watch the debate on YouTube and judge for yourself who prevailed.