An Appeal to Unaffiliated Voters: You Must Vote on June 3

When it comes to the June 3rd Republican Primary in the 7th Congressional District, those who do not vote in the primary are effectively permitting others to choose the legislators and executives whose policies affect all our lives.

In light of the sheer number of career politicians and political hacks forced upon us by the Establishment leadership – not to mention the brutal nature of the political process itself – it’s no surprise that a sizable percentage of voters in New Jersey refuse to be affiliated with a political party. This is not to say they don’t care what happens to New Jersey or to our nation – or that they have no opinions or convictions about any of the critically important issues that affect all Americans. Just the opposite – in the 7th District, unaffiliated voters tend to be very conservative and often give more thought and consideration to important election issues than the partisan rank-and-file.

Unfortunately, most voters – especially unaffiliated voters – don’t realize that no Democrat has won election in the district since 1980. The candidates who prevail in the June Republican Primary are ultimately elected to office a few months later – which means the November general election will be decided in the primary.

Does that mean unaffiliated voters have no say in the June 3 Republican primary? Many people believe this is the case, but they are wrong: unaffiliated voters CAN and SHOULD make their voices heard. If you believe that our nation is gripped by a malaise not seen since the Carter Administration, chances are that you believe the time has come to change the direction in which our nation is heading. For help in deciding whom to choose, check out the Issues Scorecard.

If you are an unaffiliated voter, simply go to the polling precinct on June 3 where you usually vote and tell the poll workers that you are an unaffiliated voter who wishes to declare for the Republican Party. The polling attendant will look up your name on the registered voter list, check you off as a Republican, and then hand you a tag to enter the polling booth. It really is just that easy.

If, after casting your vote, you do not wish to remain affiliated with the Republican Party, fill out a Political Party Affiliation Declaration [PPAD] form which can be downloaded from (click on Voter Information to locate the form).

Future generations will judge us by the actions of the government WE are responsible for electing.

Issues Scorecard