David Larsen Declares Candidacy at 2nd Amendment Rally and Food Drive

DDavid Larsen of Tewksbury hosted a "Rally in Defense of the Second Amendment" event this past Sunday at RTSP Range in Randolph. The size of the turnout, and their generosity allowed Larsen to collect enough food to feed 80 families in need this holiday season. Combined with the fall harvest event he hosted on earlier, David Larsen has raised enough money and collected enough food to feed 130 families. David's goal was to feed 300 people this thanksgiving and with all the donations he exceeded that goal.

"Neighbors helping neighbors out of the goodness of their hearts, not faceless Washington bureaucrats redistributing your tax dollars in ways that you do not approve of.  This is the America our Founders created.  I am truly humbled by the generosity of these wonderful people.  Especially during these extremely difficult economic times," Larsen said.

Larsen took the occasion to declare his intentions to run a primary challenge against incumbent congressman Leonard Lance in the Seventh District of NJ.  Repeatedly citing the liberal voting record of Leonard Lance, Larsen made his announcement in front of over 300 enthusiastic supporters at the Defending the Second Amendment Rally that he hostedon Sunday.  "Lance has voted to fund every aspect of the president's agenda, including Obamacare despite it's many unconstitutional clauses and it's funding of abortion. Now he says he will support federal gun control legislation.  Congressman Lance is a reliable vote that the Democrats can count on in their drive to end constitutional government," Larsen declared at his announcement.

“The primary process presents the people the opportunity to choose the representative that they want, not one the political establishment determines.  I encourage the people of the Seventh District to become engaged in this process and decide if they want more of the same from Washington or if they want a return to Constitutional and fiscally responsible government.  Lance's profligate spending has created a debt burden that has diminished our economic standing and imperiled our nation’s future.  I will not stand idly by and accept Lance's unconscionable votes to leave such a burden to the next generation to pay for his excesses,” Larsen said.

He went on, “Additionally, by refusing to join the fight to defund Obamacare, Lance ignored one of the last opportunities to reinforce the Constitution as a contract with the people ensuring them limited government intrusion into their lives.  Because Congressman Lance decided to join congressional Democrats, our relationship with the government has been changed.  Perhaps, forever.  Congressman Lance believes that the government should have the right to tell you what you must buy and when.”

“As I’ve traveled the Seventh District and talked to the people I have heard their disgust with Washington.  I want the people to learn more about Congressman Lance’s voting record and legislative history so that they may be sure that they’re voting for the government they truly want.  I welcome the chance to contrast my vision of America with the incumbent’s record of crony capitalism, big government and unconstitutional mandated requirements,” Larsen proclaimed.

David Larsen is a third generation career businessman.  He understands debt and that it should only be used judiciously to grow business, not government.  He is an avid sportsman and firearms owner and is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.  He is actively pro-life.  Recognizing that challenging the entrenched establishment of the Republican party is a major undertaking, Dave welcomes all volunteers.  Those interested in joining us in taking back our country should call King Penna at 973.951.5910.