There He Goes Again - Lying About David Larsen and His Taxes!

Here’s why: the Central Jersey Conservative Herald exposed Lance’s voting record in Congress – a record filled with support for more spending and bigger government that Lance DOESN’T want you to see.

The recent mailer sent by the Lance campaign to Republican households in the 7th District calls David Larsen a “tax-dodging, hypocritical politician” because Larsen “failed to pay his property taxes 21 times” and that he “benefited from Obama’s failed Stimulus Package.”

It turns out that Larsen already anticipated this attack as far back as May 20. In an interview published on page 6 of the Conservative Herald, Larsen explained in detail that while his property taxes were paid after the due date, they were paid in full – with hefty interest. He also explained what Mr. Lance knows perfectly well but refuses to admit: that the only “benefit” Larsen received from the Obama Stimulus was the profit his company made if a consumer bought one of his windows or doors: any tax credit that resulted from the transaction went directly to the consumer, not to Larsen or to his company.

Now here are just three outrageous votes that Lance won’t tell you about:

Oh…and Lance voted IN FAVOR of the Cash for Clunkers program - a complete waste of Stimulus tax dollars.

“Principled conservative?” Hardly. You can say that Leonard Lance is the Two Point One Trillion Dollar Man – except that he’s not nearly as dashingly heroic as Lee Majors