Central Jersey Conservative Herald Exposes the Truth About Leonard Lance

Incumbent Representative Leonard Lance is spending a great deal of both time and money trying to convince Republican voters in the 7th Congressional District that he is a "Principled and Consistent Conservative." He gladly discusses all the votes he cast against Obamacare and in favor of less spending and smaller government - but doesn't mention all the votes he cast in favor of more spending and bigger government.

Thanks to the Central Jersey Conservative Herald, Republican voters of the 7th District can study for themselves Leonard Lance's REAL record in office - both in New Jersey and in Congress. In the pages of this newspaper you will discover the TRUTH about Leonard Lance. You will also learn about David Larsen - a TRUE Reagan Republican who will provide the conservative leadership our district, our state and our nation desperately need.

Click on the image below to open a high-resolution PDF of the entire May/June issue:

Here is the link for this PDF: http://davidlarsenforcongress.com/images/uploads/cjcmay2012.pdf

Send it to every Republican you know so they can learn the truth: LEONARD LANCE IS NO CONSERVATIVE!