Dr. Yolanda Cillo Endorses David Larsen

What makes this example of grassroots endorsement particularly interesting is the fact that a week or so ago, Dr. Cillo called the headquarters of the Larsen for Congress campaign and spoke at length with a staff member. Although initially skeptical of Mr. Larsen - about whom she admittedly knew very little - Dr. Cillo asked some very pointed and detailed questions that, apparently, were answered to her satisfaction. A week later she sent the following letter to the Daily Record:

I received an e-mail from Leonard Lance suggesting that I write a letter to the editor about him.

Congressman Leonard Lance was elected to Congress as my representative shortly after I moved back to New Jersey after many years in other states. My congressional representative in Tennessee was Marsha Blackburn. The representative in my district in California is Darrell Issa. Both of them are conservative members of Congress.

Much as I try to become a supporter of Leonard Lance, I find it nearly impossible. His current ad campaign calling him a “Principled Conservative” is, to borrow a line from Newark Mayor Cory Booker, nauseating.

Leonard Lance is a career politician having spent years in the New Jersey Statehouse. Happy with the things that have happened in Trenton? Then you will likely be happy with his liberal votes in the U.S. Congress including his most egregious vote for Cap and Trade which is better known as Cap and Tax. Even when many of us in his district were outraged, he defended this vote as good for the country and sent mailings to us reiterating this. Talk about voting with Obama.

As I’m in the same general age cohort as Congressman Lance, I was astonished when he told me he never claimed to be a Reagan Republican and proudly proclaimed he was an “Eisenhower” Republican. By definition, not a conservative.

Leonard Lance’s proclamation that he is a “Principled Conservative” shows that he has no principles and will say or do whatever it takes to keep his job.

Perhaps we should remove him before he becomes more entrenched? Think about it.

There is a reasonable alternative in the primary on June 5 — David Larsen. It may be time to replace a RINO with a Reagan Republican.

Dr. Yolanda Cillo