Leonard Lance is No Conservative

Incumbent Representative Leonard Lance is spending a great deal of both time and money trying to convince Republican voters in the 7th Congressional District that he is a "Principled and Consistent Conservative." He gladly discusses all the votes he cast against Obamacare and in favor of less spending and smaller government - but doesn't tell you all the votes he cast in favor of more spending and bigger government.

Leonard Lance's record of voting for laws opposed by the GOP isn't one to be proud of.

He is one of just 40 Republicans to vote for child health care, one of just 24 to vote for parental leave for federal employees, one of just 18 to vote for expansion of the hate crimes law to cover sexual orientation and disability, one of just three to support the "Lilly Ledbetter Law" that hampers employers and small businesses.

He’ll scream to high heavens that he voted for the Ryan budget but he won’t mention that he voted for appropriations bills that far exceeded the Ryan budget.

He’ll complain about the excessive debt burden but will not mention that he voted to give the Obama an additional $2.1 Trillion to spend when he voted for the so-called “Budget Control Act.”  The Club for Growth called him a hypocrite for this.

Prior to entering Congress he signed a pledge from Citizens Against Government Waste not to take earmarks.  He broke that pledge within two months on the job.  In fact, he spent so much federal tax dollars on pet projects and special interests that he was named Porker of the Month by Citizens Against Government Waste in April of 2009.

He voted for the TRAIN Act to rein in excessive regulations but does not mention that he voted with the democrats on five amendments that would have completely undermined the purpose of the TRAIN Act.

He claims to be pro-life in spite of the fact that, as recently as last year, he proudly stated that he was pro-choice.

When Lance had a chance to actually affect Obamacare he voted for a continuing resolution that funded Obamacare to the tune of $105 billion and even voted to expand the scope of Obamacare by including veterinary services.

Lance claims to care about escalating energy prices and yet he has often sided with groups such as the Sierra Club to restrict the US from developing its own energy.  As one of eight Republicans to vote for Cap & Trade and more recently one of five Republicans to support programs such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  

After President Obama imposed a moratorium on offshore drilling devastating jobs, Congressman Lance was one of only nine Republicans to vote to keep Obama’s moratorium in place.  (HR 1231).

Enough is enough.  Lance is undoubtedly popular with wine and brie Republicans, but he has lost any claim of loyalty from the grassroots.

Send a link to this video to every Republican you know so they can learn the truth: Leonard Lance is no Conservative!