Jersey Pro-Life Endorses David Larsen

Jersey Pro-Life gives its full endorsement to David Larsen for Congress in the 7th District in New Jersey. Jersey Pro-Life is a grassroots association based in New Jersey.

David Larsen is a strong advocate for life who is challenging a pro-choice incumbent. The clear choice is between a strong pro-life advocate, David Larsen, and a “same old, same old” opponent preferred by the pro-abortion wing of the Republican Party. Larsen speaks out for life, while his liberal-leaning opponent does not.

We can put a leader for the life issue in Congress: David Larsen. In Indiana the grassroots elected pro-life Richard Mourdock over establishment-supported Dick Lugar. This Tuesday in Nebraska the grassroots elected pro-life Deb Fischer over the RINO Jon Bruning. We can do likewise here by electing David Larsen.

We do not need to elect any more followers. We should not reelect politicians who call themselves “pro-choice”, as incumbent Leonard Lance has. Lance and Joe Biden both voted against partial-birth abortion, but that doesn’t make them pro-life. We don’t need more politicians who do nothing as the abortion rate in America increases.

The 7th District can boost our nation by electing a real pro-life leader. New Jersey does not have to reelect a follower. Indiana and Nebraska didn’t. Even though Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee wrongly sided with the establishment and endorsed a weak-on-life candidate for Senate in Nebraska, who raised millions more in campaign money than his opponents, Republican voters defeated him and elected a pro-lifer. We should too.

Please vote for David Larsen rather than the pro-choice incumbent. Please tell the establishment – and those controlled by it – to support pro-life candidates for a change.

About Jersey Pro-Life: we are comprised of many of the strongest grassroots advocates for life in our State. We repeatedly take New Jerseyans to the March for Life in D.C., organize pro-life events in our state, and volunteer for good candidates. We don’t sit by quietly while the pro-choice establishment insists on reelecting the same incumbents. Please join us in endorsing and volunteering for David Larsen for Congress, where he will be a pro-life leader.

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