If You Want America to Fail

It's been said that New Jersey was the crossroads of the American Revolution: here many major battles and skirmishes were waged and here an ocean of patriot blood was shed. It seems these days that history has come full circle and once again New Jersey plays a critical role in the future of America as political contests waged in primaries throughout the state determine the direction we take - locally and nationally. Our nation is at another crossroads and we must decide whether to continue the failed policies of those who believe in bigger government and more regulation or return to the principles of personal liberty and economic freedom that made America the "last, best hope for mankind on earth."

The primary for the 7th congressional district is a perfect example of the struggle that defines where our future lies: the incumbent, Leonard Lance, represents a Republican political establishment more interested in bipartisan cooperation with a Democratic establishment determined to foist a socialist state on the American people than opposing the Democrats and upholding the principles of individual liberty and economic freedom embraced by our Founding Fathers and preached by Ronald Reagan.

Leonard Lance was elected in 2008 in the hope that he would be part of the solution to big government, over-regulation, massive spending and excessive taxation. Four years later, it turns out that he's part of the problem: in many cases on very important issues and votes, his legislative record is no different than that of his Democratic colleagues. As long as Congress is filled with go-along-to-get-along Republicans, America will continue to decline.

Consider this:

Now consider this:

Offshore Drilling? Lance was one of only 9 Republicans who voted with Obama to continue the moratorium on offshore drilling.  He was one of only 8 Republicans to vote with Obama for Cap and Trade and he supported funding the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that does nothing except to increase your utility and energy costs.

Shale?  Lance is against the use of fossil fuels and instead has consistently voted with Obama to subsidize alternative energy sources like wind and solar through the use of taxpayers dollars.
Wind Power? Lance voted against cutting $3.25 billion from the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill – subsidies that included funding for Solyndra, a "clean" energy company that went bankrupt shortly after receiving $500 MILLION in taxpayer funds.
Free Market?  Congressman Lance consistently seeks Big Government limitations on individuals and businesses.  He voted to maintain the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage provision driving up costs throughout every segment of our economy.
Regulations? Lance was one of only 3 Republicans to vote with Obama and the Democrats for the job-killing Lilly Ledbetter Act.
Property Rights? While holding state office in NJ, Lance voted for the Highlands Act that restricts the rights of property owners to develop their land.  The Highland Act is consistent with UN Agenda 21 which will determine how and where people locate
Climate Change? Mr. Lance, like President Obama, believes in man-made climate change and in government-created fictitious markets that supposedly help the environment. Specifically, he voted for Cap and Trade and supported RGGI that allocate carbon credits among energy users and forces the trading of those credits on a commodity market resulting in “necessarily higher energy costs.” For his efforts, Lance consistently earns the endorsement of the Sierra Club - a left-wing environmentalist organization.

Why does Congressman Lance consistently prey on the goodness and decency of ordinary Americans for the benefit of his corporate cronies?

Mr. Lance is being challenged in this primary by David Larsen - a Movement Conservative and disciple of Ronald Reagan - who promises to uphold the principles of Reagan Conservatism while in office.

If you want to Restore the American Dream and see America succeed, VOTE FOR DAVID LARSEN on June 5.