Conservative Party of New Jersey Endorses David Larsen for Congress

Rich Nodine, Executive Director of the Conservative Party of New Jersey, recently notified the Larsen for Congress campaign that his organization has officially endorsed David Larsen in the upcoming June 5 Republican primary.

This is an official letter of endorsement and a communication that The Conservative Party of New Jersey stands behind and supports your candidate, David Larsen, for New Jersey’s District 7 Republican Primary, June 5 of this year.

Dave Larsen’s life experiences, business achievements, American Conservative principles and dedication to our Conservative Pledge are exactly what New Jersey needs, and exactly what America needs in a leader at this critical point in history. As the Executive Director of our party, I had the pleasure of meeting Dave at an education reform event in Morristown this past January. It became immediately apparent that Dave Larsen has a dedication to serve his country with a strategy set on an honest and moral platform, on all issues, and he wants to make sure today’s children can be free to grow, learn and prosper in their pursuit of happiness in a strong America.

The Conservative Party of New Jersey is also proud to highlight Dave on our Conservative Crew, Leaders for a better New Jersey and a better America. We believe that he can lead the way as a new breed of American politician, one that understands repealing and de-regulation are needed to unleash American Exceptionalism, create jobs, and protect the sovereignty of The United States.

Good luck to the David Larsen for Congress Team, and please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you defeat Incumbent Congressman Leonard Lance (R-NJ) and continue on to victory in November.