Basking Ridge Tea Party Group Endorses David Larsen for Congress

Today the Bernardsville News reported that the Greater Basking Ridge Tea Party voted in favor of endorsing Movement Conservative David Larsen over incumbent Leonard Lance in the June 5th GOP primary.

The Greater Basking Ridge TEA Party (GBRTP), a political action committee, is planning to endorse challenger David Larsen in the Republican Primary election on Tuesday, June 5, for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District.

In a press release issued on Friday, May 4, the GBRTP announced that it will officially make its endorsement at 7 p.m. Monday May 7, at the Bernards Township Library in Basking Ridge.

The board of GBRTP unanimously endorsed Larsen, the GOP challenger to Rep. Leonard Lance.

According to the press release, "Lance’s record is in direct contradiction to TEA party values of instilling smaller limited government, free market economics, lower taxes, and promoting individual responsibility.  Mr. Lance’s dismal voting record, and poor scores from leading conservative groups prohibits us from supporting his candidacy.  Americans are tired of watching the federal government tax away their jobs and spend away their futures. Congressman Lance has voted to expand the federal government, stifle job growth and pile more debt onto the backs of our children.'' 

Larsen "promises to Take America Back to her best days,'' the group said.  "The GBRTP supports David Larsen because he pledges to fundamentally restore America to her Constitutional roots.  We agree with David Larsen on his commitment to smaller government over the big-government record of the incumbent Leonard Lance.

"America deserves representatives who will defend her Constitution and not shred it.  David Larsen, we feel, is that candidate who will bring constitutional sanity back to our government.''

The Larsen for Congress campaign would like to thank the Greater Basking Ridge Tea Party for their gracious endorsement. We look forward to working closely with them to restore the American Dream.