American Conservative Union Endorses David Larsen for Congress

For Immediate Release: May 2, 2012
Contact: Larry Hart, (202) 550-5018,

American Conservative Union PAC Endorses David Larsen for U.S. Congress

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Conservative Union has endorsed David Larsen in the 7th District Republican Primary on June 5th.


“David Larsen is the clear conservative choice in the Republican Primary. On a wide range of issues, from reining in runaway spending, energy independence or the rights of the unborn, David Larsen supports the mainstream conservative position. The incumbent, Leonard Lance received one of the lowest ratings for a Republican in the entire congress in 2011, 44 out of 100, showing that he is clearly out of the mainstream for conservatives,” said ACU Al Cardenas, “The ACU PAC urges all conservatives in New Jersey’s 7th District to support David Larsen in the Republican Primary June 5th.”

“As one of our nation’s most historic and prestigious conservative organizations, I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the American Conservative Union,” said David Larsen. “For close to fifty years, the organization has played a leadership role in promoting economic growth through lower taxes and reduced government spending. Led by Chairman Al Cardenas, ACU continues to be a driving force in advancing conservative thought along with the values and principles necessary to restore the American Dream.”

The ACU recently announced its 2011 Ratings of Congress, the 41st edition of the conservative ratings guide. For more information on the ACU PAC or to download the full 2011 Ratings of Congress, please visit To support, or learn more about, David Larsen, visit


Apparently, the ACU isn't impressed with Lance's recent re-branding as a "principled conservative" in this race. No surprise there, considering his abysmal 44% ACU rating for 2011.

Leonard Lance is trying very hard to shed the image he created but he cannot escape his voting record or statements he made in the past that give us insight into what he truly believes.

The time has come to show Mr. Lance the door.  On June 5 vote for David Larsen - a truly principled conservative.