Tewksbury, NJ - (March 28, 2012) - Successful businessman and Congressional Candidate, David Larsen (New Jersey's 7th District), today released the following statement regarding District 7's Republican County Conventions:

"I am extremely pleased by the gracious support of the committee members, particularly Union County Chairman Phil Morin who nominated me to be on the Union County ballot. Morin's leadership was bold and challenged the will of the party establishment. The convention results, however, were typical of establishment politicians and politicos protecting their Washington-insider cronies who fail to measure up to the conservative platform upon which they campaign. In the Hunterdon County Convention this Thursday, I anticipate much of the same blind loyalty to Leonard Lance by committee members, who choose to let Congressman Lance's support of job crushing and Obamacare funding legislation be ignored."

"The real measure of what Seventh District Republicans demand in their Congressman will be June 5th when Republicans vote. The voters I've spoken with are ready for an economy tested job creator who has built businesses and operated a balanced budget; they're tired of politicians who campaign as conservatives back home, but vote for larger government once they get to Trenton or Washington.

"The people of the Seventh District are conservative. They want a government that honors the Constitution and is a responsible steward with tax dollars while promoting opportunity without killing jobs or bankrupting our country. I am confident, on June 5th; the voters of the Seventh District will make their voices heard and elect a principled conservative as their candidate."