Tewksbury, NJ – (March 25, 2012) – Successful businessman and Congressional

Candidate, David Larsen (New Jersey’s 7th District), today released the following statement regarding Congressman Paul Ryan’s recent budget proposal:

“The Ryan Budget is way too timid.”

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for Congressman Ryan. He has often proposed great ideas to deal with issues faced by Americans. Unfortunately, his latest budget proposal falls short of the measures we need implemented to restore America’s greatness. While it is far better than the Obama budget and the non-existent Senate budget, and does offer some good things – tax and Medicare reforms being chief among them - it does not go nearly far enough.”

“The Ryan Budget does not bring our finances into balance for decades. Once again it pushes off needed cuts far into the future as if some future Congress will somehow be more responsible than the current one.”

“I would strongly recommend members of Congress adopt a budget more like the Platform to Revitalize America sponsored by Senators Paul, Lee, and DeMint. Even a budget along the lines of the FY2012 budget proposed by the Republican Study Committee would be far better. Either would balance the budget within this decade.”

“As we consider and assemble a budget, it is incumbent upon us to pay our debt in our lifetime, and not engage in passing our spending spree debt onto future generations.”