TEWKSBURY, NJ – (March 13, 2012) – Successful small businessman and Right
Direction Organization Chairman, David Larsen, today announced the support
of National Tax-Limitation Committee President, Lew Uhler.

On learning of the Uhler endorsement, David Larsen commented, “I am
honored to have earned the endorsement of Lew Uhler. Lew has been a
steadfast champion for the taxpayer as a tireless advocate for smaller
government and low taxes. Lew and I agree, big government’s big spending
is robbing the taxpayer of money that is best left in the private sector,
not in the government. As I campaign throughout the district, voters are
saying how important it is that we cut government spending and change the
direction of our country; and to that I am duly committed.”

Announcing his support, National Tax-Limitation Committee President, Lew
Uhler said, "David's principles, core convictions and his commitment to
changing the direction of America through the elimination of wasteful,
duplicative and failing big government programs, stifling regulations and
a crushing tax burden that inhibits economic growth and private-sector job
creation, distinguishes him from a majority of those presently serving in

About The National Tax Limitation Committee
NTLC has been standing-up for the taxpayer for more than 35 years as an
advocate for reduced spending and low taxes. Its mission has been to
provide national leadership to achieve the optimal size and functions of
government and promote candidates and initiatives that support these
goals. For more information on the National Tax-Limitation Committee,

About David Larsen
David Larsen is seeking the Republican nomination of U.S. Congress in New
Jersey’s Seventh Congressional District. A principled conservative, David
Larsen is campaigning to cut spending, create jobs, and restore the
American Dream. A husband, father, and successful businessman, David
Larsen has proven job creation experience and is an outspoken champion for
less government. He and his wife Donna reside in Tewksbury Township.