Building the New Majority President Bill Spadea Endorses David Larsen

Tewksbury, NJ - (March 8, 2012) - Successful businessman and Right Direction Organization Chairman, David Larsen, today announced the support of Building the New Majority President and former College Republican National Committee (CRNC) Chairman, Bill Spadea.

"Bill Spadea is a man of integrity, responsibility and moral character," said David Larsen, Congressional candidate for New Jersey's 7th District. "He is a leader in our community who will not compromise his core convictions, beliefs or principles. He has represented and championed conservative leadership qualities through the media, politics and his organization, Building the New Majority. Bill has proven himself through multiple venues and circumstances as a stead-fast advocate of Movement Conservatism. He has been involved in the local community for many years as a businessman as well as a loving husband and father. Our communities can benefit greatly with more men like Bill Spadea." 

Announcing his support, Building the New Majority President Bill Spadea said, "David Larsen is a strong conservative candidate who represents the best that the Republican Party has to offer. His commitment to family, community and country are a terrific example of the type of leaders we need to send to Washington. We're grateful that he's taken the time to make a huge investment in the future of our nation by stepping up to put his name in the arena. David is already showing that he has the strength, courage and determination to help build the party from the ground up and carry our ideas into public policy. His grassroots campaigning is unparalleled this year and will surely result in higher voter participation in the process."