Essex County Conservative Examiner says David Larsen is more likely to win

David Larsen announced his challenge on January 5. He made his case to The Morristown Tea Party on Thursday, February 23, at the Masonic Lodge, 39 Maple Avenue, in Morristown, NJ.

This year, David Larsen believes he has a better chance in a rematch with Lance. He said that the new Seventh District has the highest proportion of Republicans of all the twelve Congressional districts. He also said that the new Seventh has the highest proportion of conservative Republicans among the six Republican-dominated and Republican-leaning districts.

David Larsen is more likely to win a primary challenge for another reason: thus far, neither Lon Hosford nor Bruce Baker, his fellow challengers, is interested in running this time. In fact, Larsen ran well ahead of Hosford and Baker both, two years ago. (The Star-Ledger has the figures.)

David Larsen said that he was running for one reason:

From 2010 to now, I am not any better off. Are any of you better off?

From the assembled listeners, the answer was "No." David Larsen also cited the ballooning national debt, and blamed both Congress and the man now holding office as President. He said that Congress especially kept books in a way that he, in his thirty-five years' experience in business, "can never understand."

Larsen also criticized "career politicians" who "go from academia straight into elective office" and are more concerned with their cushy jobs, with their high salaries and benefits, than with serving the people.

David Larsen took time to address one issue with which few might be familiar. He called this "Local Agenda 21." This is the local extension of UN Agenda 21, a project of the United Nations Division of Sustainable Development. Larsen said that Agenda 21 activists have worked for years to destroy property values and ultimately to seize property and force people to move to cities. David Larsen pledged to fight this plan in Congress and press to repeal all its elements.