Larsen On CPAC

I recently returned from attending CPAC in DC. While there I had the privilege to speak and associate with multiple Organizations and people with true Conservative values, beliefs and principals.

Even though the atmosphere was super-charged with excitement and anticipation of Americas bright and prosperous future. the fact that our present economic situation, due to the Obama administration in concert with our most dysfunctional and ineffective Congress in the history of America, surfaced to be the main talking points of the majority of all the conversations.

Discussion upon discussion was centered on past, present & future decisions, with relation to the purposeful procrastination of our Congressional Representatives and their willingness to buckle on important legislation, for the sake of political expedience and self preservation. As to the true theme and purpose of CPAC, it is to establish and support genuine Conservatives, the definition of which is both fiscally and socially conservative, to elected office in lieu of many of our present "Insider Establishment" moderates, who masquerade as conservatives.