David Larsen Announces Formation Of Exploratory Committee For The United States Congress

Tewksbury, NJ – (December 22, 2011) – Successful businessman and Right Direction Organization Chairman, David Larsen today announced the formation of an Exploratory Committee for the United States Congress.

“Today, I am proud to announce the formation of an Exploratory Committee for Congress,” said David Larsen. “After representation of over three years of deficient leadership by incumbent Leonard Lance, the voters of the 7th Congressional district in New Jersey have made it clear to me that they want a strong, conservative leader representing them in Congress.”

“Our country is at a cross-road. The Obama Administration and Congress’ inaction and failure to lead is no longer an option. Having yet again kicked the proverbial “can down the road,” members of Congress have demonstrated that they are incapable of solving our country’s most difficult problems. Rather than addressing our Nation’s most urgent priorities and serving the best interests of “We the People,” our current Leadership continues to craft legislation that exacerbates our problems, rather than to tackle them head on. The unfortunate reality is that this type of irresponsible behavior has contributed to the demoralization of our great Republic and the erosion of the American Dream.”

“My objective as a candidate for Congress will be to unleash the American spirit, motivating Representatives to rise above self interests and to unite them around the common values, virtues and principles that define the American Dream. Restoration of the dream will require leading by example; providing a positive vision and a path forward, from which our children can aspire, overcome adversity and prosper.”

Now that the redistricting appears to be completed, the committee will allow Mr. Larsen to travel the new district and measure support for a full-fledged Congressional run. A final decision is planned for early in the New Year.