David Larsen Announces Candidacy For The United States Congress

Tewksbury, NJ – (January 3, 2012) – Successful businessman and Right Direction Organization Chairman, David Larsen, today announced his candidacy for  the U.S. Congress, New Jersey’s 7th District. Larsen, a Conservative Republican, is seeking to oust the incumbent, “establishment” Republican Leonard Lance in the June primary.

A successful businessman, who did not inherit a dime, Larsen understands that priority one is putting America’s financial house in order and strengthening our economy. He knows that the catalyst in putting Americans back to work is to rein in BIG government and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of our people through our free market system.

“I am committed to restoring the American dream for all,” said David Larsen. “This means establishing a campaign guided by true conservative principals, values and beliefs.”


“Our nation is unique among the nations of the world in that it was founded on a fundamental set of ideals… life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, ‘The Great Experiment,’” Larsen continued. “We must protect these ideals, as they make up the very core from which our great Republic was established.”

“America has come to a precipice, economically and socially. I am again reminded of the phrase, ‘Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country,’” concluded Larsen. “That is why I am compelled to campaign for the U.S. Congress. I will no longer stand idly by; allowing entrenched career politicians to rob America’s future generations of their financial freedoms and liberties by making immoral decisions for self-aggrandizement and special interests. Time is of the essence for real change in Washington and Restoring the American Dream.”

About David Larsen

David Larsen, a third generation small business owner, lives with his wife and children in Oldwick, where he has resided for the past 16 years.  A Conservative Republican and strict Constitutionalist, Larsen believes in smaller less intrusive government, lower taxes, protection for the unborn and market-based solutions to strengthen our economy. 

For more information on key issues affecting you and your family, go to www.davidlarsenforcongress.com or visit David Larsen on Facebook and Twitter.

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