What is Conservatism?

In general, contemporary American Conservatives believe that:

American Conservatives believe that a government which governs best is one that minimizes the scope of its activities and maximizes the personal liberty and economic freedom of its citizens.

A man who professes to be a "principled" and "consistent" Conservative is a man who incorporates the fundamental principles of Conservatism into his personal, professional and political life and acts with regularity on the basis of those principles.

Leonard Lance claims for himself the mantle of a "principled, consistent" Conservative, yet but he cannot escape his abysmal voting record or statements he made in the past that give us insight into what he truly believes. His record clearly demonstrates that he is neither principled nor consistent – and certainly is not a Conservative.

No wonder the American Conservative Union - the nation’s oldest and most respected Conservative organization - in 2012 endorsed David Larsen, who is challenging Lance in the GOP primary for nomination to the U.S. Congress:

“David Larsen is the clear conservative choice in the Republican Primary. On a wide range of issues, from reining in runaway spending, energy independence or the rights of the unborn, David Larsen supports the mainstream conservative position. The incumbent, Leonard Lance received one of the lowest ratings for a Republican in the entire congress in 2011, 44 out of 100, showing that he is clearly out of the mainstream for conservatives,” said ACU Al Cardenas, “The ACU PAC urges all conservatives in New Jersey’s 7th District to support David Larsen in the Republican Primary June 5th.”