Not long after he was sworn into office in January of 2009, Leonard Lance voted in favor of the American Clean Energy and Security Act (HR 2454), otherwise known as “Cap & Trade.” Interestingly enough, PSE&G – a major energy utility that services New Jersey – also supported Cap & Trade and sponsors a PAC that happens to be a major donor to the Lance campaign.  Lance is also strongly endorsed by the Sierra Club - a left wing environmentalist organization - mainly because he has openly admitted his environmentalist sympathies.

As it turned out, Cap & Trade amounted to the practical equivalent of a carbon tax – and Lance voted for it on June 26, 2009. But in the wake of the Tea Party movement that erupted early in 2009 and spilled over into the primaries and general election of 2010, Mr. Lance later changed his tune and declared that he opposed Cap & Trade – but not because it would trigger a spike in the cost of energy or even because man-made climate change has been repeatedly proven to be a hoax and a scam. Rather, his about-face occurred because China and India refused to enact similar carbon capping restrictions.

According to Mr. Lance, if China and India were willing to abide by the very restrictions he voted to impose on the United States, he would flip-flop once more and support a Cap & Trade scheme that would only minimally impact greenhouse gas emissions while discriminating against the nuclear power industry and ultimately causing energy prices in New Jersey to skyrocket.