My name is David Larsen and I am running for Congress for the same reason most Americans are now active in local, state, and national politics: Barack Obama, Democrats, and liberal Republicans like Leonard Lance are destroying this country and I will not stand by and let it happen.

I love our country, revere our Constitution, and I want to ensure that my children and yours have the same opportunity to enjoy liberty, prosperity, and pursue the American Dream as you and I did. I am asking that you send me to Congress to help restore the American Dream.

I grew up in New York, the son of a Norwegian immigrant family that emigrated to America after the liberation of Norway from Nazi Germany during World War II. I attended college at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri; then returned to New York City to attend CSI (College of Staten Island) where I majored in business administration, management, and biology.

While in college, I founded my own construction and home improvement company. In six years, I consolidated that business with my father's business, Larsen Windows and Doors. Over the next 30 plus years I've grown the family business into a successful enterprise that assisted in creating and sustaining of hundreds of jobs. I understand what it means to be responsible for the livelihood of people and their families.

As an entrepreneur, I invested in real estate. With my small business ventures doing well, I moved to New Jersey, where I have lived for nearly 20 years and have raised American quarter horses. I have been married to my lovely wife Donna for almost 34 years and we have three beautiful daughters.

I am proudly Pro-Life and a member of NJ Right to Life as well as the Family Research Council. I am committed to the protection of our 2nd Amendment rights and hold membership in the NRA and Gun Owners of America. I have been a Conservative member of the Republican Party my entire adult life, have been active in multiple Republican organizations - including the Heritage Foundation - and have held leadership positions with Americans for Prosperity. I have been Chairman of the Conservative advocacy organization in order to grow the Conservative movement in New Jersey.

The time has come for me to direct my passion and entrepreneurial skills toward making a difference for the people of New Jersey and the country I love. I believe, like the Founding Fathers, that Congress should be made up of citizen legislators - ordinary people who serve their fellow Americans for a brief time before returning to private life - not career politicians whose livelihoods are based on perpetual re-election to office.

As your Congressman, I will do everything in my power to help restore the American Dream and our nation to the greatness our forebears worked so hard to achieve for us. President Ronald Reagan once said that America is the last, best hope of mankind on Earth, and I intend to ensure that President Reagan's legacy of liberty and prosperity will endure and never be forgotten.