American Conservative Union

David Larsen is the clear conservative choice in the Republican Primary. On a wide range of issues, from reining in runaway spending, energy independence or the rights of the unborn, David Larsen supports the mainstream conservative position. The incumbent, Leonard Lance received one of the lowest ratings for a Republican in the entire congress in 2011, 44 out of 100, showing that he is clearly out of the mainstream for conservatives,” said ACU Al Cardenas, “The ACU PAC urges all conservatives in New Jersey’s 7th District to support David Larsen in the Republican Primary June 5th.

National Taxpayers Union

The 2012 primary gives voters in New Jersey’s 7th District a vital opportunity to send a true fiscal conservative to Washington, and David Larsen is the taxpayer’s choice. The stakes for our nation’s financial future are too high to gamble on another term for Leonard Lance. New Jerseyans, and all Americans, would be better served by David Larsen’s more energetic and innovative approach to lower taxes, budgetary discipline, less regulation, and reforms to our nation’s unsustainable entitlement programs.

New Jersey Right To Life

New Jersey Right to Life PAC, the state's largest Pro-Life Political Action Committee is pleased to offer you our endorsement for your race in the 7th Congressional District. Your unwavering stand in defense of all human life from the moment of conception to natural death is commendable and we stand with you to help build a culture of life where every child is welcomed in life and protected by law

Republican National Coalition for Life

Based upon your 100% pro-life views as expressed in your responses to our Candidate Questionnaire, the Republican National Coalition for Life is pleased to offer you our endorsement in your race for the 7th Congressional District in New Jersey.

Gun Owners of America

David has demonstrated his commitment to preserving and defending the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. He is a strong, conservative candidate, sharing the views of our Founders that a well-armed citizenry is the nation’s last line of defense against tyranny. David is definitely not the kind of person who will come to Washington to protect the status quo.
I urge gun owners throughout New Jersey’s 7th District to get behind this campaign with your financial and volunteer support.
Even if you live outside the district, please do what you can to help. Forward this message to your friends, post it on Facebook, and consider a donation to help Mr. Larsen continue to spread his pro-gun, pro-freedom message right up to Election Day.

Conservative Party of New Jersey

Dave Larsen’s life experiences, business achievements, American Conservative principles and dedication to our Conservative Pledge are exactly what New Jersey needs, and exactly what America needs in a leader at this critical point in history. As the Executive Director of our party, I had the pleasure of meeting Dave at an education reform event in Morristown this past January. It became immediately apparent that Dave Larsen has a dedication to serve his country with a strategy set on an honest and moral platform, on all issues, and he wants to make sure today’s children can be free to grow, learn and prosper in their pursuit of happiness in a strong America.
The Conservative Party of New Jersey is also proud to highlight Dave on our Conservative Crew, Leaders for a better New Jersey and a better America. We believe that he can lead the way as a new breed of American politician, one that understands repealing and de-regulation are needed to unleash American Exceptionalism, create jobs, and protect the sovereignty of The United States.

Jersey Pro-Life

Jersey Pro-Life gives its full endorsement to David Larsen for Congress in the 7th District in New Jersey. Jersey Pro-Life is a grassroots association based in New Jersey.
David Larsen is a strong advocate for life who is challenging a pro-choice incumbent. The clear choice is between a strong pro-life advocate, David Larsen, and a “same old, same old” opponent preferred by the pro-abortion wing of the Republican Party. Larsen speaks out for life, while his liberal-leaning opponent does not.

National Tax-Limitation Committee

David's principles, core convictions and his commitment to changing the direction of America through the elimination of wasteful, duplicative and failing big government programs, stifling regulations and a crushing tax burden that inhibits economic growth and private-sector job creation, distinguishes him from a majority of those presently serving in Congress.

Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Steve Malzberg

This is the most important election of our time. If you care about the future of our children, send a message, and elect real conservative Republicans to Congress and help save America. Nothing short of that is at stake here. David Larsen is a true conservative and I can’t think of a better man to send to Washington, as part of the effort to save our country. I encourage you all to elect David Larsen as the Congressional Representative for New Jersey’s Seventh District!

Independence Hall Tea Party PAC

Our first endorsed candidate, Dave Larsen (NJ-7), is a conservative's conservative," Adams said. "The PAC unanimously voted to support Larsen's primary challenge to unseat Republican incumbent Leonard Lance because Congressman Lance is not a conviction conservative--he's a moderate who votes conservative when it's politically expedient to do so.
Larsen, a natural conservative, will be a reliable vote in Congress.

Bayshore Tea Party Organization

The Bayshore Tea Party Group is happy to announce their endorsement of the following candidates:
Anna Little - Congress 6th Congressional District
Bader Qarmout - U.S. Senate
David Larsen - Congress 7th Congressional District
We are proud to announce our support of the above candidates and look forward to working with them in their efforts to represent us.

West Jersey Tea Party Group

The West Jersey Tea Party has endorsed several conservative candidates running for public office throughout the state. David Larsen, candidate for Congress in District 7, has been endorsed the West Jersey Tea Party.

Basking Ridge Tea Party Group

Lance’s record is in direct contradiction to TEA party values of instilling smaller limited government, free market economics, lower taxes, and promoting individual responsibility. Mr. Lance’s dismal voting record, and poor scores from leading conservative groups prohibits us from supporting his candidacy. Americans are tired of watching the federal government tax away their jobs and spend away their futures. Congressman Lance has voted to expand the federal government, stifle job growth and pile more debt onto the backs of our children.''
Larsen "promises to Take America Back to her best days,'' the group said. The GBRTP supports David Larsen because he pledges to fundamentally restore America to her Constitutional roots. We agree with David Larsen on his commitment to smaller government over the big-government record of the incumbent Leonard Lance.
America deserves representatives who will defend her Constitution and not shred it. David Larsen, we feel, is that candidate who will bring constitutional sanity back to our government.

"Building the New Majority" President Bill Spadea

Building the New Majority President Bill Spadea said, "David Larsen is a strong conservative candidate who represents the best that the Republican Party has to offer. His commitment to family, community and country are a terrific example of the type of leaders we need to send to Washington. We're grateful that he's taken the time to make a huge investment in the future of our nation by stepping up to put his name in the arena. David is already showing that he has the strength, courage and determination to help build the party from the ground up and carry our ideas into public policy. His grassroots campaigning is unparalleled this year and will surely result in higher voter participation in the process."