Who is David Larsen?

Find out who David Larsen is and what he can do for your community.

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Letter from Dave

David Larsen talks about his candidacy.

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"David Larsen is the clear conservative choice in the republican primary.
On a wide range of issues, from reigning in runaway spending, energy
independence or the rights of the unborn, David Larsen supports the
mainstream conservative position."

Al Cardenas, Chairman of the ACU


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Who is the Real Leonard Lance?

Leonard Lance's record in Congress is so atrocious, the American
Conservative Union and the Conservative Party of New Jersey refuse
to endorse him. Lance may be popular with wine and brie Republicans,
but he has lost any claim of loyalty from the grassroots.

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Lyin’ Lance

Recent internal polling data says that Leonard Lance will lose this primary because the voters of the 7th District have had enough of his lies and betrayal. So how does he react? You guessed it…with a tar brush full of slander in radio ads and libel in campaign mailers. Here is why this tactic will not work. THE FACE OF DESPERATION: LYIN’ LANCE

Who is David Larsen?

Christians for David Larsen

David Larsen Speaks the Truth

Michael Reagan Endorses David Larsen for Congress


  • Every Saturday
  • 6:30–8 p.m.
  • Campaign Headquarters
    215 U.S. Route 22 East
    Green Brook, NJ 08812

Open House

Come meet David Larsen, every Saturday evening until June 4. Complimentary wine and cheese will be served.

Campaign News

David Larsen for Congress Campaign Office Grand Opening

First stop is the Headquarters in Green Brook at 215 U.S. Route 22 East, Green Brook, NJ 08812, on Saturday January 16, 2016, from 6:00PM - 9:00PM, where you will be a part of making history and Dave Larsen will kick off his 2016 Congressional campaign. Keep reading...

Fall Food Drive Events Successful

David Larsen of Tewskbury is proud to announce that his fall food drive events were a huge success. David Larsen's Harvest Festival and Food Drive at the Raritan Inn in Califon, on October 16th 2013, and Larsen's public announcement for congress at the RTSP gun range in Randolf, on November 17th 2013, helped feed families for Thanksgiving in Somerset and Hunterdon counties. Keep reading...

GRCC Tanks Debate Video to Help Leonard Lance

Remember the Larsen-Lance Debate that took place on May 28 – the one sponsored by the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce in which Reagan Conservative David Larsen trounced incumbent Establishment Hack Leonard Lance? The proceedings were recorded by the GRCC and the video of the debate was posted on YouTube. Keep reading...

Larsen and Lance Spar for Future of 7th Congressional District

Though not exactly a redux of the Lincoln-Douglass slugfest that captivated audiences over a century and a half ago, it was tussle enough for voters to pay attention, with plenty of red meat issues to digest from now until next Tuesday. Keep reading...